Ideas to Make Over a Room in a Day

When you walk into your home, do you move through the space effortlessly and have the sense that your home is welcoming to all your friends and family? Would you like your living room or bedroom to look more vibrant, more interesting, more spacious? All of this is possible in just one day, using what you have in your home already or with minor additions that make a major change.


1. When you have a wall of only framed pictures, it may look a bit bland. Add texture with a banner or a tapestry

2. Repositioning your existing furniture may make the layout of the room more welcoming whilst still function the way you want it to. If your television is the main focus in your room, move the focus to the sofa or soft seat instead.

3. Grouping things in threes creates an impact. If you have vibrant art work around your home, put them together and they’ll not be so easily overlooked.

4. If you have an open floor plan, try to remove any sense of partitioning between different areas. Just because you have a dining chair under a table, doesn’t mean that chair is only to be used when eating. Move furniture around your house to see if it feels better, functions better and looks how you want it to.

5. Use old paint to freshen up a table, chair or interior door in an unexpected shade.

6. Use fabric swatches to re-cover your old throw cushions for your sofa or bed. Mix and match different fabrics and patterns for added interest.

7. Replace your old framed photographs new ones. Group them in odd numbers on walls, shelves, coffee tables or mantles.

8. Use up ribbon pieces to pretty up drawer handles or knobs, or to create napkin rings. Or replace drawer, cupboard or door handles in another style.

9. Create pretty drawer liners with wallpaper

10. If you have greeting cards that you’ve kept, create a collage and display them on a cork-board.

11. Create a new headboard from a beautiful blanket or quilt. Just fold it neatly over the bed frame or existing headboard for a vibrant new look.

12. If you have a wood-burning fireplace you don’t use, place potted plants that don’t need much sunlight into the empty space. Alternatively, add a large grouping of block candles of various heights into the space.

13. Mix two colours of towels in your bathroom for affect. Try mixing your dark green with aqua or dark brown with turquoise.

14. Re-purpose small, empty bottles to become single bloom vases. Group in clusters of varying shapes, sizes and heights.

15. If you have a landscape picture or simple image, turn this one picture into three. An alternative is to line up a few related photos of the same size and then display over a sofa, bed or sideboard.


16. If you have a blank space, fill it with with a group of mirrors with bold, sculptural styles.

17. Whether you want a bold new style or you’re aiming to enhance your existing décor in a forgotten alcove or open shelving, use fabric on the wall, secured with a staple gun every few inches along the wall’s perimeter with edges finished with ribbon or trim.

18. When you don’t want to change the actual photos on your wall, add a new look by gluing fabric over the mount, then use a craft knife to cut around the outer and inner edges.

19. If you’re not confident in your artistic abilities, use wall appliqués to customise the design for your space. They are easy to apply and add a sense of fun. Wall appliqués also allow you to tap into the latest home trends without a major financial commitment.

20. A two-tone table adds a particular feel to a room. A natural wood surface with a white base for a farmhouse feel or dark-stained wood with a black, navy or dark green base for an antique look or a brash primary colour to surprise.

The key thing to remember about any makeover of a room is not to be afraid to try. Make a note of the decorating ideas you see others use in their own homes, in shops and in market displays. Once you have completed your first room makeover, it is likely you’ll be keen and confident to start on other rooms in your home.