Decorate Your Home With Paper Crafts

Decorating your home with paper crafts is a simple way to revive your décor at little cost. It’s fun, creative and can be a unique way to give your room a new look. It’s a great feeling when you see how you can change any room simply and with minimal investment.


Decorating your home does not always require you to buy new furniture or knock down walls. A small change in colour can make a big difference. With paper crafts you can create a decoration that suits your style and existing décor which can be moved around or replaced when you wish.

Fringe Paper Picture

Create a work of art using different coloured card that you cut into fringes of equal width and length and place one under the other to create a rainbow of colours that will look amazing in a shadow-box frame. You can buy a pair of craft scissors that are designed to create five cuts each time, creating perfect paper fringes and is worth the investment for future projects.

For a fringe paper picture, first cut a fringe along both long edges of your card. Then score a fold line along the centre of the card and fold the fringe over on itself. Next, tape the fringes in rows against a board to the size you want your finished picture to be. To keep the picture dust-free mount in a shadow-box frame, which gives depth for the fringes to sit freely, and hang on the wall.

Paper butterfly ornament

If you want a unique ornament at home that adds a splash of colour to the room and is sure to be a talking point, create a paper butterfly tree.

First, you need to collect some sticks and some old, unwanted magazines, books and newspapers. Cut out the shape of butterflies from this paper, using different profile shapes of the butterfly to add interest. Then use a hot glue gun to add the paper butterfly cut-outs to some sticks. Add as many butterflies as you like, they look better with more. Place the sticks in a pot filled with crushed magazines to hold the sticks in place and place where you wish.


Romantic conversation heart banner

Add a touch of romance to your bed chamber with a conversation heart banner. Use any colour you wish and create a banner any size you want to fit the space. On each heart write no more than three words that mean romance to you for example: “I love you” “You are lovely/funny/crazy” or simply write each family members name on each heart.

Cut out as many heart shapes as you need. A six inch heart makes the words much easier to read. Punch holes into each side of the heart and weave a piece of ribbon through each heart and tie a knot to secure it in place before adding the next heart. You can leave the ribbon tales long or cut them short.